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Mayor Bloomberg Responds to Kendrick Lamar’s Control Verse

Mayor Bloomberg Responds to Kendrick Lamar’s Control Verse

I’m a billionaire with a private army that leaves you really scared
One father had heart attack when we aimed at his silly head
I don’t think you understand he’s literally dead
Now I’m hearing these dumb rappers say my city is there’s?
Don’t make me call Commissioner Kelly
Cause Black and Brown get stopped and frisked on a daily
Handcuffs on they wrists and 45ths to they scullys
Shot in the back like Kimani or in they own bathroom like Ramarley
And I know Jay Z don’t like Harry Belafonte
But he like my little brother he looks at me very fondly
He’ll never get in the club but we let him carry the laundry
So you ignorant Black folks think he’s Illuminati
RIP Ed Koch I’m more ruthless than Giuliani
Getting rid of all the poor all they do is reduce the property
while I’m here all week with my boys on wall street
Penthouse all suites we don’t care where yall sleep
Ask occupy get on my bad side them shot will fly
Riot gear choppers high cockin when my coppers ride
Armored tanks, tear gas, tasers, night sticks
Flame throwers light shit mace in the face of white chicks
Build a statute of my likeness and put it in front of Rikers
For the Black men I mass incarcerated and indicted
The schools I turned private the hoods we gentrifying
Bye bye Bed Stuy Big up in heaven crying
I’ll though up some ice for the nicest MC
But you can tell Kendrick Lamar the King of New York is me
Bloomberg I got my own channel and news firm
They said I couldn’t run again so I bought me a new term
You’ll learn tell that judge and the federal government
That the constitution don’t apply to the 1%
We still stop and frisking from dawn until the lights out
In fact I saw a black man lurking round the White House
2016 that’s right Hillary I’ll show you what a Billie means
I can spend anything
New york Yankees I’ll just buy the wining team Dr. Evil really schemes I just need a mini me
These rappers must be kidding me listen I got drones
That will Christoper Dorner you burnt to a crisp in ya home
They all under surveillance from no name to famous
Asked the Hip-Hop police they said you all gave statements
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