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Struggle and Solidarity: Writing Toward Palestinian Liberation

We can't look away from Israel’s genocidal violence against Palestinians — or the movement for a free Palestine.

Struggle and Solidarity: Writing Toward Palestinian Liberation

Series Introduction

The horror and heartbreak in Gaza is reaching new proportions each minute, as Israel continues its brutal genocide. The death toll in Gaza is shooting upward daily, and Israel’s violence is also mounting in the West Bank, even as Palestinians and those in solidarity with them — including powerful mobilizations of Jewish protesters saying “not in our name” — are marching and rallying worldwide in urgent protests.

Truthout started this series on “Struggle and Solidarity” years ago to cover the struggle for Palestinian liberation in all its forms, from protests within Palestine to international solidarity efforts and intersections with other movements. Over the years we’ve delved into the context and history of Israel’s settler-colonial violence, and possibilities for a liberated future built on foundations of equity and justice. Through news articles, analyses and firsthand accounts, we are committed to reporting on the ongoing violence of Israeli colonization, occupation and apartheid — and the U.S.’s complicity in the genocide that is now unfolding against Palestinians.