US Uncut New York City Teach-In at Bank of America (Video)

US Uncut, a new decentralized direct action group, held teach-ins inside two Bank of America branches in New York City on Saturday. The classes were held to discuss the inherently corrupt bank bailouts, the “tax-avoidance” of huge US corporations by which two-thirds of US corporations pay zero taxes and what kind of action we the people can take to stop the massive tax-payer funded transfer of wealth from the poor and to the rich.

The group formed in response to and in solidarity with UK Uncut, a decentralized protest movement which has been sweeping the United Kingdom in response to deep budget cuts and tuition hikes. These reductions in government services are known as “austerity measures.” Despite the political rhetoric, the United States government has begun an austerity program across the country; all the politicians are arguing about is how much to cut and from which poor people. It’s time for action.

Uncut groups are springing up across the country. For more on US Uncut, visit the website and find them on Facebook and Twitter.