Vocalo Feature: LadyDrawers, A Feminist Comic Series (Radio Segment)

In this piece, comic artists Rachel Swanson and Abe Lambert talk boobs, comics, and feminism. They’re part of a new series called “LadyDrawers” on Truth-Out.org that began as a class at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago taught by Anne Elizabeth Moore. LadyDrawers looks at how comics—and the publishing world at large—are influenced by a lack of women content creators.

For a good read that underscores Rachel and Abe’s points about boobs and mainstream comics, check out the comic strip “In Comics World, Women are Invisible—Except When They’re Naked” on Truth-out.

The latest in the LadyDrawers series is Pt. 1. of “Why Have There Been No Great Women Comic Artists?”

Listen, below:

The audio piece was produced by Lucy Hall, with help from Sarah Lu.

Thanks to Sari Gelzer and Maya Schenwar at Truth-out.

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