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Truthout Interviews Roger Annis on the New Cold War

Truthout Interviews Roger Annis on the New Cold War

Roger Annis. (Screengrab: Truthout)Roger Annis. (Screengrab: Truthout)Ted Asregadoo speaks to Truthout contributor Roger Annis about the conflicts in Ukraine and the larger geopolitical maneuverings by NATO and the US that are reigniting a Cold War with Russia.

Truthout contributor Roger Annis writes frequently on the conflicts between Russia and its western capitalist competitors like the US and Canada. Recent political maneuvers in both the UN and the US House of Representatives suggest western powers are making not-so-subtle moves to reignite the Cold War with Russia. The recent “no” vote in the UN by the US, Canada and Ukraine against combating racism and xenophobia was somewhat perplexing in that the media didn’t even cover the vote or what it meant. But as Annis chronicles in his Truthout piece, the vote was about putting Russia on the defensive and showing US support for the right-wing Ukraine government. In his other Truthout news analysis, Annis shows how US and Canadian propaganda about Crimea demonstrates how far media coverage since the conflict started has gone through the looking glass. In this wide-ranging interview, Roger Annis puts into perspective the larger geopolitical issues at play as events in Ukraine and Crimea challenge US imperial power.

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