The Punishment for Being Yemeni at Guantanamo

One year ago today, President Obama re-committed to closing Guantánamo and lifted his self-imposed ban on transfers to Yemen. Yet a year later, he has little to show for it. Although Yemenis make up more than half of the current population and two-thirds of the men cleared for release, President Obama has not transferred a single Yemeni since his speech. In fact, no Yemeni has left Guantánamo alive since 2010. In the past year, only twelve men have been transferred, two by force to a country where they feared persecution.

This video blog is about CCR’s Yemeni clients, Ghaleb Al-Bihani, Mohammed al-Hamiri, Tariq Ba Odah, and Fahd Ghazy. These men and others like them have never been—and will never be—charged with a crime. The ugly truth is that they are trapped in Guantánamo largely because of their identity. Please share it and continue speaking out!