Islamic State, Kurdistan, and the New US War in Iraq

More than a decade after the start of the second Gulf War, the United States has embarked on a bombing campaign targeting Islamic State forces inside Iraq and Syria. It’s the third U.S. military action inside Iraq in as many decades.

But the reasons for the new war keep shifting, from protecting ethnic and religious minorities, to preventing terrorist attacks on the U.S.

As independent producer Reese Erlich reports from Northern Iraq, this latest conflict, and the future of the region is tightly connected to the oil industry and international politics.

Antonia Juhasz, author The Bush Agenda, The Tyranny of Oil, and Black Tide
Fauzi Ali and Aiwa Majdal, Yazidi refugees
Chenar Rozbyani, photographer
Richard Nabb, former U.S. Army Colonel and oil company advisor
Kemal Afaraci assistant district manager Tak Tak oil field
Shirin Jabar, demonstrator at KDP rally.