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Why Are GOP Politicians and Anti-Union Groups Interfering With the VW Vote?

Why are Republican politicians in Tennessee and a host of outside interests interfering in union voting by Volkswagen workers in Chattanooga?


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Los Angeles, California - When a private employer, like the Los Angeles Film School (LAFS), decides to fight the efforts of its workers to form a union, there is …

In the course of the ill-tempered anti-union campaign, the union has been denounced as “black-shirted thugs,” the “vilest of cancers” and even “Ichneumon wasp larvae.” But many of the Chattanooga autoworkers understand what is really going on here. Writing in a local newspaper, one VW worker stated: “What I really don’t understand is why our employer is remaining neutral and respecting our right to make our own choices, but outside groups aren’t.” It is a terrific question – one that those spouting hatred toward the union and attempting to intimidate the workers should be forced to answer. Unfortunately, one of the most significant NLRB elections in decades has been tainted by blatant efforts to coerce workers by GOP politicians and anti-union organizations.

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