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The Hope for Transformation Does Not Wear Off Quickly
Dear Readers

The Hope for Transformation Does Not Wear Off Quickly

Dear Readers

Dear Readers,

Since the 2008 elections, we’ve seen promises shattered, vows disavowed, hopes crushed. But it turns out that whipping up the masses with the promise of change has a pesky side effect: the hope for true transformation does not wear off quickly. Sure, the mainstream media pushes cameras in the faces of every Tea Partier with a sign, and sure, anti-progress forces throw their bodies and their wallets in front of every attempt to return power to the people of the United States – but that desire for change lives on.

We see it in fits and starts: Bernie Sanders taking the floor of the Senate for more than eight hours, saying things you’re not supposed to say in public; Bill Moyers, a guiding light for honesty and truth, declaring the US government a “plutocracy” as the rich continue to hoard power; a small and heroic organization, WikiLeaks, ripping the facade off the disastrous occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq, forcing the world to pay attention.

Truthout is here to make these vital events front-page news. While other media outlets bypass the truths these heroes speak and focus on the responses of stodgy, status-quo insiders, we push the facts to the top.

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Maya Schenwar, Executive Director and Matt Renner, Director of Development