The Eli Lilly #Insulin4All Demonstration: Stop Price-Gouging People With Diabetes

This past June, a critical law passed in Nevada, thanks to persistent people with spirit that never gives up.

Changes Through Advocacy

The law, which is a hybrid of two proposed bills, SB265 and SB539, will hold companies accountable for the outrageous pricing of insulin by requiring a report if they raise prices by a certain amount. Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) will no longer be able to cover rebates that ultimately burden patients, and pharmaceutical sales reps and pharma-funded nonprofits will have to be transparent as well. This is a huge victory, serving as a significant stepping stone. What it shows us is that persistence, passion and advocacy can make all the difference in the world.

Crisis Continues

Within seven years, the price of insulin has climbed nearly 300 percent, costing diabetics hundreds of dollars a month, piling on already high premiums and copays. Lives are being shortened and sometimes immediately lost simply because this drug, which type ones cannot live without, is so expensive. Even those with a standard paycheck cannot afford it, and I myself have faced the real struggle of paying unbelievable prices for Humalog, an Eli Lilly product.

Eli Lilly #Insulin4All Demonstration

T1International, PFAM and several other organizations are banding together to raise awareness; using Eli Lilly, one of the major three insulin companies, as a starting focus. With bills for more transparency popping up in several states, we must keep the ball rolling by confronting major players in the insulin crisis.

From 1pm to 3pm on September 9, across from Eli Lilly Headquarters at 800 block of South Delaware, diabetes supporters will rally together to share personal struggles, statistics and inspiration in effort to further shift the drug transparency and #insulin4all movements. We will prompt Eli Lilly to be honest about their pricing; a reasonable request after prices continue to climb at profound rates. Ultimately, the intention is to see insulin prices drop to a more realistic and appropriate level, as its suspected that companies are making an unfairly generous profit on the life-saving product that was meant to be available to all after its discovery in 1922.

Make a Difference

Those wanting to strengthen the movement are invited to congregate; bringing signs that portray a constructive message while painting a clear picture to the public of the struggles those dependent on insulin face. Be creative, powerful yet exemplary. Take a look at the event Facebook page; updates and details will be posted.

Crunch Time

With our nation’s health care at a pivotal moment, demonstrations like these create a vital depiction for every citizen, not only diabetics. Many of those with illnesses struggle with affordability of medications; the #insulin4all campaign and demonstration will set an example for the future handling of all medical injustices. However, 30.3 million people in the US have some form of diabetes, and the rate is climbing. At some point, most everyone will be impacted by the disease.

Share your story or just show up to give your support. Transparency is a logically constructive pathway to seeing real change; once insulin companies have to explain why their prices are so high, we will see the unjust profits being made. This will likely reveal collusion, while bringing prices to where they should be.

Voices and stories of diabetics sent a shock wave through Nevada, and that is exactly what it will take to rattle the rest of the US. Stand up for yourself, your loved ones, those who’ve lost their lives; join us in our stance for #insulin4all. And if you can’t make it to the September 9 event, join us September 8 for our online day of action by calling out representatives, letting them know why #insulin4all is so important. Let’s do this, let’s be a part of real change.