Occupy Wall Street Protesters Arrested in New York

Police in New York City have corralled and arrested protesters attempting to march across the Brooklyn Bridge, according to media reports.

One woman claimed New York Police Department officers led protesters to the Brooklyn Bridge and then started to arrest them when they began to cross.

Moreover, according to a tweet sent by DemocracyNow's Ryan Deveraux, an unnamed source “claims to have overheard NYPD cop saying, 'This is easy overtime.'”

Earlier this week, the New York Police Department (NYPD) was accused of using excessive when a police officer was caught on tape using mace to subdue female protesters.

According to a report publilshed by The Guardian, the officer in question was identified by activists as deputy inspector Anthony Bologna, who “stands accused of false arrest and civil rights violations in a claim brought by a protester involved in the 2004 demonstrations at the Republican national convention.”

Separately, in Boston Saturday 3,000 protesters marched toward Bank of America and 24 of them were arrested for trespassing, according to Raw Story.

The Occupy Wall Street protests against corporate corruption is now in its 15th day.