Fifteen Pros and Cons about Government Slowdown

The larger picture of the U.S. government’s slowdown (incorrectly labeled “shutdown”) is a struggle over a centralized and incoherent bureaucracy that continues to seize trillions of dollars more than what it spends. This reckless taxation and spending has created an other-governance dependency for some, while others still believe in self-governance.

But perhaps the government slowdown will again cause Americans to think and reflect about the state of their current civic engagement and future political processes. Yet it is another warning sign that something is wrong. Whereas good governance socially benefits people, corrupt and depraved government berates them.

Another positive aspect of the government slowdown is the legislature regaining some of its representative powers from the executive, powers which the U.S. Constitution originally intended. Regrettably, they should be delaying and de-funding a superimposed war machine that has made the U.S. and Americans more vulnerable and less safe.

The slowdown points to the need for a multi-party system that fairly represents all Americans, not just Democrats and Republicans. With a two party system, that usually votes a strait-party ticket, dozens of political parties, representing tens of millions, have no voice. In a two-party systems, choices are always either or instead of along with also.

Fourth, the government slowdown again brings attention to 50 million Americans without adequate healthcare and medicines. Unfortunately, political parties and demigods, backed by a corporate healthcare and pharmaceutical for-profit industry, consider their lives to be expendable. At least this finally being discussed and debated.

Similar to the last reason, ideas of rights and responsibilities versus images of rule and no responsibilities are being emphasized. In other words, how can one even begin to enjoy life and the pursuit of happiness when the best of healthcare or much needed medicines are allowed only to the highest bidder and those with the most wealth?

Initially, the Affordable Healthcare Act was a proposal to grant universal healthcare in which all Americans were treated with equal services and providers. Sadly, profit driven healthcare, medical equipment and pharmaceutical corporations lobbied political leaders to rewrite much of the legislation. It now favors corporations instead of commoners.

Special privileges are being granted to corporations and “elected” politicians. Private individuals must commit to either a corporate healthcare plan or the government controlled one. Yet businesses have been granted a one year delay. Politicians will receive subsidies even though their salaries exceed the limitations and rule of law.

Eighth, a government slowdown reveals how reactionary and conservative both Democrats and Republicans are. Not only do they show an unwillingness to compromise or work together, but as the only industrialized nation without universal healthcare it reveals just how undemocratic, defiant and puzzling the American system is.

No less than are the words that politicians use are also puzzling, uncivil and defiant Republicans are accused of “dismantling” or “destroying” the Affordable Healthcare act when they are merely wanting to delay it for a year. Meanwhile, both sides of the aisle are accusing each other of “hijacking” or holding the American people “hostage.”

Thanks to American military power and corporate hubris, political leaders have acquired a kind of destructive and lethal language. Some pundits are even calling for the assassination of certain representatives. Projecting hate around the world and using violent terminology usually backfires. Hopefully, Americans will realize this reality.

The eleventh pro regarding a government slowdown is that the American people will continue to work, trying to provide for their families. They will continue to interact with others. They will be innovative and artistic, inventive and creative. A con are politicians that will use fear and apocalyptic imagery. Americans, though, will thrive.

No one should ever be considered nonessential personnel, as some in the government, like the furloughed workers, are called. (Perhaps the real nonessential people are professional multi-million dollar political leaders who have been bought by corporations.) It was refreshing, then, to learn that those commoners deemed nonessential revolted.

Another positive aspect of a government slowdown is the revelation of how legislative bills are often rushed through Congress without a thorough examination of what the bill actually consists of. Due to momentary thinking and a lack of futuristic, progressive conceptualization, this happens too often. Can government become to bureaucratic?

By now, Americans should realize too how bias and inept the mainstream news is. In the midst of declining audiences and ratings, hype and sensationalism sells. This is especially true when alternative media sites and more objective bloggers, and in some cases even social media, becomes much more accurate, knowledgeable and objective.

Lastly, a government slowdown recognizes that there is a presidential election every four years, which is still controlled by an archaic electoral college vote, and a midterm election every two years, governed by the popular vote. This ensured the ideals of checks-and-balances and separation of powers. Sadly, pundits and politicians somehow ignore this.

By the way, and in dealing with the Affordable Healthcare Act, does a government and its heavily subsidized corporations(1) themselves ever become unaffordable?