Truthout Interviews Joe Macaré on Keeping the Independence in Independent Journalism and Truthout

Truthout(Image: Jared Rodriguez / Truthout
Ted Asregadoo speaks to Truthout publisher Joe Macaré about how Truthout is able to maintain its journalistic independence.

Truthout is an independent nonprofit news and opinion site that maintains its independence through readers’ donations; donors give what they can because they believe in Truthout’s mission and trust the news and opinion pieces that are published on the site. As the publisher of Truthout, Joe Macaré works every day to keep the organization running so the kind of content that Truthout is known for can continue. But what does it take to make sure that Truthout remains independent from corporate sponsorship and advertisements? In this Truthout Interviews, viewers get a peek behind the scenes to understand not only the kind of stellar reporting Truthout staff and contributing writers author for the site, but also how Truthout readers are integral to its success and growth through donations and sharing Truthout content with their social networks.