Washington in the Rain

I walk this imperial capital

looking for War Memorials

they should litter the place what with all the

blood it took to raise it up

from malarial swamp to

“God’s” right hand sword of smite

I walk head down through the rain

past the homeless

looking for the damn things

but everywhere there’s only men on horses

and anybody who knows knows

those aren’t War Memorials

that proud littleboy bravery

so easily manipulated by the politicians

and war profiteers

is exactly what causes the problem

no, where are the War Memorials?

the men and women without limbs?

the piles and piles of precious lives discarded?

the carnage so thick

the vultures turn away

where are the widows and the parentless children?

where is the raping and the bloodlust of the “heroes?”

where are the fields laid barren the cities burnt

the corpses unrecognizably bloated and charred?

(the bombsights and computer screens

not providing enough distance that somehow

forgiveness and horror are moot)

no, there are no war memorials here

this is no imperial city

it is a city

wanting to forget needing to forget

a city armed to its titanium teeth

with forgetfulness