The New Violence

Violence seems to be the only currency left for the neoliberal state. Its hard side lies in the devastation of cities, the assault on social provisions, public sector workers, the poor and middle class, the disinvestment in schools. All of this coupled with the ongoing militarization of everyday life points to a frightening authoritarian state.

The soft side is on display every day in the neoliberal appeal to elections as the only form of politics left for progressives, the painting of Obama as the only real choice for the future, and the increasing normalization of a market society in which it is claimed that the current state of politics is the only politics available to us.

This is the new violence that assaults public institutions, bodies, and minds. All the more reason to read Truthout in order to get alternative opinions, news, and insights into what it means to imagine a new world, a radical democratic politics, and the possibility for change outside of the current corrupt politics that dominates the two-party, corporate-controlled system.

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