Richard Trumka: Jobs, Jobs and More Jobs

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Richard Trumka has a message for all the so-called progressives who don’t actually look out for working people: “We can’t be a world-class economy unless we make things.” It’s the key to rebuilding our infrastructure after years of neglect, after what he notes was “the party the rich had that we didn’t get to go to,” to helping to stabilize the climate and most importantly, to digging us out of the economic hole we’re in. Creating jobs, green jobs, innovative manufacturing jobs, he argues, could solve all of that.

Trumka is president of the AFL-CIO, but he became known to many Americans through the fiery speech he gave to the Steelworkers’ union against racism and in favor of Barack Obama. He joined Laura in the GRITtv studio for a frank conversation about jobs, the economy, and Obama’s administration.