Respect ABQ Women Campaign Applauds Voters for Rejecting the Abortion Ban Ballot Measure

ALBUQUERQUE, NM—Today, the Respect ABQ Women campaign declared Albuquerque voters’ sound rejection of the anti-abortion ballot measure a huge victory for Albuquerque women and families. The ballot measure, introduced by out-of-state anti-abortion groups, would have banned abortion after 20 weeks, regardless of a woman’s circumstances.

“Today’s election makes it crystal-clear that Albuquerque voters understand that the complex, extremely personal decision about abortion needs to remain between a woman and her doctor,” said Micaela Cadena with the Respect ABQ Women campaign. “Albuquerque families sent a powerful message today—they do not want the government interfering in their private medical decisions. Dangerous, unconstitutional laws like the one we rejected today have no place in Albuquerque, no place in New Mexico, no place anywhere in our nation.”

The Respect ABQ Women campaign was formed by New Mexico women, families, and organizations in early August in response to out-of-state groups who placed the proposed ordinance on the ballot. Respect ABQ Women ran a dynamic, effective grassroots campaign to educate Albuquerque voters about how this ballot measure cruelly provided no exception for survivors of rape and incest, and would tie doctor’s hands when treating women with life endangering pregnancy complications.

“This incredible victory would never have been possible without the thousands of volunteers and supporters who worked tirelessly with the Respect ABQ Women campaign to inform voters about this deceptive and misleading ballot measure,” said Julianna Koob with the Respect ABQ Women campaign. “Not only have out-of-state, out-of-touch groups failed to impose their political agenda on Albuquerque families they created an army of New Mexicans passionate about protecting private medical decisions between a woman and her doctor.”

Moving forward after this important victory, the Respect ABQ Women campaign will apply its infrastructure and organizing base towards defeating further attempts to interfere in private decisions about abortion at the state and local levels.

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