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Report: Ex-Wife of Trump Org Exec Says Trump Is Involved in Tax Avoidance Scheme

Jennifer Weisselberg reportedly told investigators that Trump himself promised her he’d pay for her children’s tuition.

Former President Donald Trump speaks during the Conservative Political Action Conference, held at the Hilton Anatole, on July 11, 2021, in Dallas, Texas.

Jennifer Weisselberg, the former daughter-in-law to the Trump Organization’s Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg, reportedly told investigators last month that she and her now-ex-husband had received perks in lieu of compensation from the company, a promise that was made to the couple directly by former President Donald Trump himself, years before he ran for office.

The comments from Jennifer Weisselberg, first reported on by The Daily Beast, would implicate Trump in a tax-avoidance scheme by his company to compensate workers without having to pay taxes on their incomes.

Weisselberg, who has spoken to investigators on multiple occasions, reportedly gave statements on June 25 to the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and the New York State Attorney General’s office, who asked whether Trump was involved in the maneuver to avoid paying taxes. Weisselberg answered that he was.

Weisselberg allegedly told the investigators that back in 2018, she and Barry Weisselberg, to whom she was married at that time were told by Trump that Barry would not be getting a raise within the company at the time. Instead, the Weisselberg’s children would get their tuition paid for at a private academy.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got it covered,” Trump allegedly told the couple, Jennifer Weisselberg said.

Investigators were reportedly stunned by the revelations made by Jennifer Weisselberg regarding Trump’s direct involvement in the alleged scheme.

The Daily Beast cited two anonymous sources with knowledge of the investigation into the Trump Organization and some of its principal players in its reporting.

Jennifer Weisselberg’s testimony, in addition to documents and other materials she has given to investigators, has aided the inquiry into Trump’s company and his own potentially unlawful actions. The investigation has so far resulted in criminal indictments of the Trump Organization, as well as tax-related charges levied onto Allen Weisselberg, who has worked for the company and with Trump for several decades. Those charges came five days after Jennifer Weisselberg gave her statement to investigators regarding Trump’s promises to pay for her children’s school tuition.

Beyond Jennifer Weisselberg’s alleged comments, court proceedings during her divorce with Barry Weisselberg also show that the couple received additional perks from his work in lieu of income. Barry Weisselberg had initially withheld information during their divorce proceedings in 2018 on perks he received from the Trump Organization, including the company paying for their apartment. The judge in the case said such information had to be disclosed since it could have monetary value for consideration in the divorce.

Evidence from those proceedings have reportedly been used by investigators in the current inquiry on Trump and his company.

Allen Weisselberg was removed from several CFO positions at Trump Organization subsidiaries, and could see his role change at the parent company as well, but so far that hasn’t happened yet.

Prior to his being charged, investigators had sought to “flip” Allen Weisselberg in order to obtain more information about the company and the former president. Weisselberg has so far refused to do so, and he surrendered to authorities earlier this month.

Trump has not been charged with any criminal wrongdoing. However, with the investigation into his company still ongoing, it’s possible that the former president could face charges in the future.

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