Remove J. Edgar Hoover

Most Americans know that J. Edgar Hoover violated the civil rights of many of our citizens, including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. One way to assure that such abuses of power do not continue to occur is for our government to take action, no matter how belated, against all perpetrators.

I have written to President Obama asking that he, by executive order, have J. Edgar Hoover’s name immediately removed from the FBI building, all FBI stationery and any other address references (printed and online) for the FBI office building.

This action will make it clear to current and future federal employees and elected officials who violate our public trust, and the Constitution of the United States, that they will be held accountable, even after death. Our public servants will understand that their legacy, reputation and place in history can and will be harmed by abuses of power and violations of our laws.

At this time in our nation’s history, sending this strong message to current and future government officials is more important than ever.