Philippine Loss From Typhoon Haiyan Colossal

On Friday, November 8, Typhoon Haiyan smashed into the island of Samar, on the eastern central part of the archipelago, completely destroying many towns and villages on the sea shore. so far reports estimate over 1,200 deaths but that number is expected to rise. Many were evacuated to higher ground prior to Haiyan’s arrival as meteorologists had been tracking it and put out warnings. The Philippines is along the Ring of Fire and is prone to earth quakes and typhoons. Many of the Philippines poorest live on the sea shore. I believe The Philippines,with a population of 98 million, consisting of 7,107 islands,of which only 2,000 are inhabited, should have a public works program to assist the newly homeless poor with housing and with aid organization and/or other funding rebuilding homes etcetera on higher ground poor to higher ground, particularly after this.

The Philippines had not yet fully recovered from typhoons and earthquakes that had occurred earlier in the year. This tragedy is more evidence of a changing earth, the frequency and intensity of typhoons such as this and perhaps a bit harder to nail down, with any certainty, earthquakes also seem to be occurring with greater frequency. In the past few months and years the Philippines has been hit by by both earthquakes and typhoons and these natural disasters have also caused landslides killing many more and also causing thousands more to become homeless.

The need is great for the people of the Philippines. Large numbers of people are in very desperate situations. I encourage people to help, here are a few aid organizations that are now helping people in the areas (in the Philippines ) where help is most needed. Please specify that it is for Philippine typhoon relief.