No. 4 With a Bullet!

No 4 With a Bullet

Jason Leopold. (Photo: Troy Page / Truthout)

Dear Readers,

Last month, our friends at AlterNet published the findings of their online poll, ranking the top progressive voices and publications on which the public depends.

In that poll, Truthout was ranked as the No. 4 most influential progressive publication in the country, just behind the newly corporatized behemoth The Huffington Post. This honor is a major milestone for the editors, production crew, reporters, artists and interns who work here, because it serves as validation that our passion for news and the years we have invested in strengthening Truthout have made a difference.

Of course, this level of impact would not have been possible without the financial support of our loyal readers. In just a few months, Truthout will celebrate a milestone – its 10th anniversary. The media landscape has changed dramatically over the past decade, with many of our colleagues adopting a model that calls for publishing “screaming” headlines as a way to generate traffic and advertising revenue, a fact highlighted by a Pew study last week.

As a journalist who focuses heavily on under-reported news that I believe deserves the attention of the masses, I'm proud of the fact that Truthout never has – and never will – cater to that style of publishing. It comes down to integrity, and that isn't for sale.

Our impact is tangible, and it’s because of our supporters that we’re able to fund this work. If you haven’t given yet, please help us continue to make waves, pushing forward the vital discourse upon which our community and our society rely.

We’re getting closer to our goal, but we still have about $28,000 left to raise in order to make our budget, and we can’t get there without your support. Please make a contribution toward Truthout’s work tonight.
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Jason Leopold, Deputy Managing Editor