Late Night Liberalism

The self-indulgent imbecility of Mitt Romney is having the effect of encouraging a set of very stupid and horrendously misleading comments by the MSNBC evening staff. So, we were informed on Thursday, September 13 that the United States does not restrict free speech (Maddow) – a comment that would be easily belied by simply reading the first amendment decisions of the Supreme Court and reflecting on the current fates of Bradley Manning and Julian Assange; “the president is the person we trust with foreign policy.” Has the speaker heard of “weapons of mass destruction” or the Gulf of Tonkin? Finally, we are informed that the current decision of the Federal Reserve to expand the money supply will act to the advantage of the stock market and so to the population as a whole. No evidence is offered for this assertion and so the implication is that capitalism can solve its very profound problems through the use of capitalist means. No evidence is offered.
This is liberalism at its most transparent.