Keep Truthout Kicking!

Before I became a Truthout intern, I got most of my news from mainstream newspapers and websites. You know, the same groups that originally promoted the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, that refused to use the word “torture,” that shirked veterans in their time of greatest need. While I was certainly wise enough to see beyond the cheerleading and deception, I did not know where else to turn. After all, these outlets, I thought, are the titans of media.

But when I came on board with Truthout, everything changed. And that’s because, in part, Truthout never did of any of those things, unlike the titans of (corporate) media. We exposed stories on the plight of soldiers and veterans. We challenged the prevailing logic about the war. We fought the notion that dissent is unpatriotic.

And that’s because we receive no corporate funding.

That’s why Truthout needs you to give today. By giving, you’re guaranteeing that one of the most dynamic media outlets available to the public stays alive and kicking. In recent months, we’ve forced the CEO of a major pipeline company to resign, exposed religious bias in the Army and called on House Democrats to vote against a war supplemental bill, to which in response, almost 130 did.

Our little news group has also developed educational opportunities for young budding journalists like me, expanded our original content offerings and landed sought-after shared content agreements with pioneers of the news trade – all while maintaining a staff who live and work across the country.

Look, it’s not easy being a nonprofit. I’ve worked for plenty. That is why I am personally asking you to give what you can during this fundraising drive, so you can keep Truthout independent of the corporations that have otherwise overtaken our lives.