It’s Mourning Again in America

From Emmett Till, to Sean Bell, Trayvon Martin, to Michael Brown.

It’s mourning again in America.

The flags hanging above the nation’s courthouses veil the injustices being committed within their walls.

The colors of the flag do run – they bleed from the sweat and tears of a nation in distress.

Socioeconomic, judicial and yes – racial – divisions remain an ever-growing stain on the national fabric.

The arrows of justice have long been masked as scales – they are the arrows used to justify the continued mass incarceration of the country’s black population.

They are the arrows that strip citizens of their rights, their freedoms, their livelihoods — in the name of security, in the name of fear, in the name of a nation.

A newfound consciousness is emerging – a consciousness that recognizes that the country’s justice system is far from blind – it is broken.

It’s mourning, yet again, in America.