Irish Anti-War Activist Jailed

Margaretta D’Arcy a 79 year old Irish peace activist on Wednesday 5th of February will have served three weeks of a three month sentence in Limerick Prison, Co Clare, Ireland, for protesting against the use of Shannon Airport by US troops who use it to fly to and from their perpetual wars. Margaretta is suffering from cancer, but the Irish Fine Gael / Labour Government shows no sign of issuing her a pardon. We need to rapidly expand our international solidarity campaign to help her.

The Stop the War Coalition in the UK is organising a protest outside the Irish Embassy in London to protest. It would be great if international friends and colleagues could hold similar protests outside all the other Irish Embassies and Consulates as soon as possible.

Millions of US troops have used Shannon Airport in the pursuit of the US commitment to its doctrine of perpetual war. The massive opposition by the American people to President Obama’s decision to expand his war on Syria in 2013 was a major turning point, as the people of the US began to reject this horrific doctrine. Margaretta D’Arcy maybe old, but in rejecting the doctrine of perpetual war, she is more in tune with the future than the Irish Government, that now, according to its aviation policy seeks “additional military flights” through Shannon.

The RedC poll commissioned by our Irish colleagues in Peace and Neutrality Alliance showed that 78% of the Irish people supported neutrality (see and rejected any participation by Ireland in the wars of aggression being pursued by NATO/EU today.

If you can help with this please let PANA know by emailing Roger Cole at [email protected]

Thanks for your help!