I Want to Start School So I Can Learn to Write Letters to My Dad in Prison

My name is Little Coconut. My birthday is May 18. My favorite color is pink, no I mean glittery red. I like learning about dinosaurs. I watch Totally Spies and Loud House. Sometimes I watch Charmed with my grandma and SpongeBob with my great grandpa. Sssssshhhhhhhh that’s a secret.

My dad is in Connecticut. He is in jail but he is not a bandit. He does not know all these things about me unless I tell him. When I finally get to visit I will pretend to make him meals. I like cooking.

The police told my mommy she can’t bring me to visit him. Not all police are bad but I saw them step on a man’ s neck on TV. They kill us because we are Black and beautiful, they are afraid of us. My mommy told me I am Black and beautiful.

I miss my karate class and therapy session when I go visit him, but I get to see my cousins if they are home. When I go to school this year, I will learn to write him letters.

I cannot wait for Daddy to come home so we can be a family with Mommy, Grandma, and Mrs. Little Violet, my cat.