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I Want to Start School So I Can Learn to Write Letters to My Dad in Prison

A 6-year-old child dreams of the day her incarcerated father will come home.

Five-year-old Camila makes a Father's Day card during the 13th annual "Get on the Bus" event at San Quentin State Prison on June 8, 2012, in San Quentin, California. Like Camila, 6-year-old EJ, the author of this essay, also dreams of the day her incarcerated father will come home.

My name is Little Coconut. My birthday is May 18. My favorite color is pink, no I mean glittery red. I like learning about dinosaurs. I watch Totally Spies and Loud House. Sometimes I watch Charmed with my grandma and SpongeBob with my great grandpa. Sssssshhhhhhhh that’s a secret.

My dad is in Connecticut. He is in jail but he is not a bandit. He does not know all these things about me unless I tell him. When I finally get to visit I will pretend to make him meals. I like cooking.

The police told my mommy she can’t bring me to visit him. Not all police are bad but I saw them step on a man’ s neck on TV. They kill us because we are Black and beautiful, they are afraid of us. My mommy told me I am Black and beautiful.

I miss my karate class and therapy session when I go visit him, but I get to see my cousins if they are home. When I go to school this year, I will learn to write him letters.

I cannot wait for Daddy to come home so we can be a family with Mommy, Grandma, and Mrs. Little Violet, my cat.