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I Vote Nation: Generation Vote

New video promo from I Vote Nation asks young people around the nation to vote on Election day because they are the future of this country.

A defiant spirit is rising from the youth. Millennials have refused to disengage from the body politic that seeks to marginalize them. Instead, they’ve thrown down a challenge to politicians of every party and office: work with us or step aside – because now it’s our turn.

The young generation cares about progress not candidates. They seek American optimism, not scoreboard politics. They do not define their red, white and blue passion in terms of right versus left, but right versus wrong.

Today’s youth march to a different drumbeat than prior generations – the traditional means of political outreach and communication fall far short. A generation this creative and plugged in need fresh content and a digital social-political network to give full voice their enthusiasms. I Vote was built to provide both.

The “Generation Vote” spot sounds the rallying cry of young America this election season. You say we’re tuned out? You say we don’t matter? Well you’re flat out wrong. We ARE knowledgeable, we ARE passionate, and we WILL vote.

We know that our futures are on the line. We know that the economy we will live in for the rest of our lives is on the line. We know that health care, women’s rights, gay rights, foreign diplomacy instead of foreign wars, education, and the environment are all on the line. And most of all we know that our vote will set the line. That’s why on November 6th we’re going to show up in force. It’s our turn. We’re Generation Vote.

– Haroon “Boon” Saleem, Chairman/Co-Creator I Vote (

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