Demand An End to Executions and Secrecy

Yesterday it took the state of Arizona nearly two hours to execute Joseph Wood with an experimental lethal injection from an unknown source. According to his attorneys, Mr. Wood was “gasping and snorting for more than an hour.”

Urge Gov. Brewer to halt all executions in Arizona and demand an independent investigation into Mr. Wood’s death.

What took place yesterday was an experiment that the state did its best to hide and raises serious questions about our government’s ability to take the life of an individual.

It is impossible for the Arizona Department of Corrections, or any agency reporting to Gov. Brewer, to offer an unbiased assessment of Mr. Wood’s execution. Our state officials cloaked the plans for Mr. Wood’s death in secrecy and they cannot be trusted to conduct a thorough and honest review of yesterday’s horrific events.

Tell Gov. Brewer to put a moratorium on the death penalty and order an independent investigation.

Executions must not be hastily thrown together human science experiments. Let’s make sure that yesterday’s events are never repeated.