A Special Note About Truthout

A Special Note About Truthout


My name is William Rivers Pitt, and it has been my great honor and privilege over the last ten years to be a writer, editor, interviewer and advocate for Truthout. In my time with Truthout, I’ve seen and chronicled the best and worst of American politics, from the darkness of the Bush years to the day Senator Boxer said no to Ohio vote fraud, from 9/11 to the Patriot Act through two wars, from three presidential elections to the right-wing madness of today.

Press play to listen to author William Rivers Pitt read, ” A Special Note About Truthout “:

Press play to listen to author William Rivers Pitt read his column, ” A Special Note About Truthout “:

Through it all, Truthout has been here to provide you with the real news, the actual facts about what is happening in our country and in our world. Truthout is beholden to no one but you, our readers and donors. We would not exist if it weren’t for you, and our whole purpose is to better inform as many people as possible, to counteract the disgraceful effect our so-called “mainstream” corporate news media has on our democracy.

I’ll give you a perfect example of why Truthout is so vitally important. Last week, the mainstream news media devoted virtually all its time to covering the far-right Tea Party protest that took place in the run-up to the House vote on the health care bill. At the same time, Washington, DC, saw two far larger protests take place: one in favor of immigration reform, and another against the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. If you watched the mainstream news, you would not have known those other two protests were even happening. But Truthout covered both in detail, because that is what we’re here for, and that is what we do.

We can do none of this, however, without your help. Truthout is a donor-driven news organization with no ties to any corporation or group that might taint or distort our coverage. We at Truthout work for you, and we need your help to continue our efforts. Please make a tax-deductible donation today, so that I and the rest of the Truthout team can keep the light of truth shining brightly through the darkness that threatens us all.

Thank you so much,
William Rivers Pitt

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