Interview With Julie Doucet

Last week in Ladydrawers, we talked to established and celebrated Alison Bechdel about challenges she faces in the comics industry. But what about the creators that find those challenges insurmountable?

One of the most celebrated (and beloved) female comics artists in North America is Julie Doucet, who stopped making comics somewhere around the turn of the century. In 2007, Drawn and Quarterly re-released a collection of her dream stories, “My Most Secret Desire,” and Anne Elizabeth Moore took the occasion to talk about her experiences in the industry she’d abandoned, despite being one of the few women artists to achieve such acclaim. Her intimate story paints a disturbing portrait of how structural inequities can affect individual creators.

Aidan Koch is an artist currently working out of Portland, Oregon. Her first graphic novella, “The Whale” was released in October 2010. She is currently scheming up new books, playing music nonstop and setting forth for wild adventures. Visit her web site at:

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