Natural Gas Exxposed: Home Invasion

Mark Ruffalo and his organization Water Defense released the first video of their new campaign Natural Gas Exxposed, a video series which documents the gas industry’s assault on American health and prosperity. The videos feature individuals on the front lines of the gas boom whose lives have been devastated by gas drilling, as well as experts debunking pro-natural gas propaganda.

“Gas companies like Exxon Mobile have filled the airwaves with television ads selling us the lie that natural gas is the answer to our energy needs. The reality is, if we don’t end America’s growing dependence on natural gas, the gas industry will ruin our communities, our health and our climate,” said Mark Ruffalo. “That’s why we’ve launched Natural Gas Exxposed; it’s a people-powered campaign to educate the public about this bridge fuel to nowhere.”

The first ad, “Home Invasion” deals with the destruction of property values, contamination in the homes, and sham royalties from gas leases. It also features residents of Dimock, PA, who were left without a source of water after Cabot Gas & Oil polluted their wells.

In the video, Dimock residents Craig and Julie Sauntner discuss their inability to sell their home, which is now worthless because it lacks a clean source of water. “I can’t sell my house. I tried,” said Craig Sautner.

“We’re industrial now,” adds Julie Sautner. “We live in an industrial zone.”

“It’s natural gas vs. the American Dream,” said Claire Sandberg, Executive Director of Water Defense. “People in rural areas have welcomed this industry with open arms, only to find their water contaminated, their homes rendered unsafe to occupy, their property values destroyed, and their communities left unrecognizable. Meanwhile, the gas industry is making billions of dollars by systematically evading responsibility. We can’t allow this kind of injustice to become our national energy policy.”