Across Europe, Migrants March for Freedom of Movement, Protest EU Policies

Throughout Europe migrants are finding a common struggle. They live without freedom of movement, to study or to work. They are kept in detention centers and threatened with deportation. Every day is a matter of survival, but they are fighting back.

On May 17, 2014, the March for Freedom began just before the European Union Parliament elections. Thousands of migrants across Europe including the Mouvement des Migrants et des Réfugiés of Italy, Collectif des Sans-Papiers of France, and the Réfugiés grève Oranienplatz of Berlin converged in Strasbourg. From there they marched together an average of 45 kilometers a day. They crossed borders without papers in a direct action, and then stopped at towns along the route to raise awareness.

Last week the marchers arrived in Brussels to protest against the EU Summit on Migration. Actions will include a mass demonstration on June 26 and an alternative summit on June 27. Together with Blockupy activists and other supporters, the migrants are calling for an end to racist policies of the EU. They want an end to free trade treaties and NATO wars. They want to abolish Frontex, the EU border security, as well as Eurosur, the accompanying surveillance system. They want to ensure that everyone has the freedom to move and live.