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A Festival of Seeds, UK

Seed Matters is a short film capturing some of the voices from The Great Seed Festival.

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Seed Matters is a short film capturing some of the voices from The Great Seed Festival which took place in October, 2014 to raise awareness of the importance of seed, and to celebrate seed, food and biodiversity.

Last year while visiting London, we were asked to record some interviews at the London Seed Festival organized by Gaia Foundation. Once the interviews had been completed, we went through our footage that we have shot over past few years and used some of those shots to bring the narrative to life. This is a good example of how, as a small organization, we are able to make films on a very small budget, telling stories that would otherwise not be told. This film features some of most progressive voices in the UK’s movement against corporate food plutocracy.

This is the ninth film in the 9×9 film festival. These films have been made for one reason: to help people understand the reality of what’s really happening to the world’s food and farming systems, and why.

A Festival of Seed from The Source Project on Vimeo.

The Source Project was set up to work in a more holistic way within the development media as business interests transform the development sector into a business driven model. By changing the way we live and operate, we are able to use our limited funds to help subsidize films that we feel need to be made. We have created a short film format that can be easily watched and shared on various social media platforms. We feel that this way we are able to not only help counter an imbalance and misinformation within development media, but also stimulate consciousness on issues that otherwise would pass unnoticed. At the heart of The Source Project is agriculture, a system not only of food production, but also one that maintains our ecosystem, our cultures, our health and the very survival of humanity.