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What Activists Need to Understand About Fascism

Shane Burley’s “Fascism Today” is an accessible primer about the roots and future of fascism in the US.

Police block counterprotesters from entering Martin Luther King Civic Center Park, where a far-right rally took place on August 5, 2018, in downtown Berkeley, California.

Part of the Series

What does fascism look like today in the US? Where does the alt-right fit into this? How can it be fought? We sat down with Chicago-based Native abolitionist organizer, writer and co-struggler Kelly Hayes to discuss Shane Burley’s book Fascism Today: What It Is and How to End It. Examining the modern fascist movement’s various strains, Shane Burley has written a super accessible primer about what its adherents believe, how they organize and what future they have in the US.

Key Questions:

1. What is fascism?
2. What is the alt-right?
3. What is the role of misogyny in fascism?
4. What do the building stages of a grassroots fascist movement look like?
5. What does the left need to do defeat fascism?


  • Hosts: Monica Trinidad & Page May
  • Guest: Kelly Hayes


  • Intro Production: Ari Mejia
  • Music: David Ellis “Welcome Matt”
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