Dahr Jamail on Climate Disruption, Richard Phillips on Trump’s Taxes

This week on CounterSpin: From vanishing ice to animal die-offs to increasing wildfires, scientists use words like “unprecedented” and “staggering” to describe the evident impacts of human-driven climate disruption. Elite media say they take it all very seriously…. How far are they from taking it seriously enough?

Dahr Jamail is a staff reporter at Truthout and author of a number of books, including Beyond the Green Zone: Dispatches From an Unembedded Journalist in Occupied Iraq and the forthcoming The End of Ice.

Also on the show: That Donald Trump has found a way to avoid paying federal income tax — and that he and his followers think that’s “genius” — is the opposite of surprising. But what of the response from some in the press that the culprit is a tax code that’s “too complicated”? We’ll get some clarity from Richard Phillips, senior policy analyst with Citizens for Tax Justice.