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Unequal Protection: How Corporations Became ‘People’ and How You Can Fight Back

Truthout is proud to bring you an exclusive series from America's No. 1 progressive radio host

Truthout is proud to bring you an exclusive series from America’s No. 1 progressive radio host, Thom Hartmann. We’ll be publishing weekly installments of Hartmann’s much-lauded book, “Unequal Protection: How Corporations Became ‘People’ and How You Can Fight Back.” Join us as, chapter by chapter, we delve into issues of corporate power, popular resistance and the nature of democracy itself.

Introduction: The Battle to Save Democracy

Part I: Corporations Take Over

Chapter One: The Deciding Moment?

Chapter Two: The Corporate Conquest of America

Part II: From the Birth of American Democracy through the Birth of Corporate Personhood

Chapter Three: Banding Together for the Common Good

Chapter Four: The Boston Tea Party Revealed

Chapter Five: Jefferson Versus the Corporate Aristocracy

Chapter Six: The Early Role of Corporations in America

Chapter Seven: The People’s Masters

Chapter Eight: Corporations Go Global

Chapter Nine: The Court Takes the Presidency

Chapter Ten: Protecting Corporate Liars

Chapter Eleven: Corporate Control of Politics

Part III: Unequal Consequences

Chapter Twelve: Unequal Uses for the Bill of Rights

Chapter Thirteen: Unequal Regulation

Chapter Fourteen: Unequal Protection from Risk

Chapter Fifteen: Unequal Taxes

Chapter Sixteen: Unequal Responsibility for Crime

Chapter Seventeen: Unequal Privacy

Chapter Eighteen: Unequal Citizenship and Access to the Commons

Chapter Nineteen: Unequal Wealth

Chapter Twenty: Unequal Trade

Chapter Twenty-One: Unequal Media

Chapter Twenty-Two: Unequal Influence

Chapter Twenty-Three: Capitalists and Americans Speak Out for Community

Chapter Twenty-Four: End Corporate Personhood

Chapter Twenty-Five: A New Entrepreneurial Boom

Chapter Twenty-Six: A Democratic Marketplace

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Restoring Government, of, by, and for the People

Copyright Thom Hartmann and Mythical Research, Inc. Truthout has obtained exclusive rights to reprint this content. It may not be reproduced, and is not covered by our Creative Commons license.

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