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Solutions: Making Government Work

Truthout's "Solutions: Making Government Work" editor and long-time researcher, author and government watchdog Dina Rasor.

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The Solutions column was created to take Dina Rasor’s 30-year knowledge of why the government wasn’t working and, slice by slice, come up with realistic solutions to fix long-term problems.

The column spent its first year looking at solutions for government agencies such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Pentagon. These solutions were offered up as reforms during the time both political parties claimed that they were interested in governance to make the government work better.

However, during the course of writing weekly columns on fixing government, it has become more and more clear that any legislative and executive branch attempts to reform the system can be easily thwarted by the massive influence of money in the system. It has become obvious, more now than in the past, that the burgeoning problem of influence peddling with money will doom real reform.

In this presidential election year, it is virtually impossible to expect serious governance from our elected and appointed officials in the federal government. Therefore, the Solutions column will spend the rest of this year, until the election, following the money that keeps realistic reform from succeeding and concentrate on exposing and explaining how self-dealing is the No. 1 problem that is preventing our government from working.

Self-dealing is a term usually used in business when a fiduciary makes decisions that are in his or her own self-interest instead of the company’s. So, the Solutions column will look at our federal “fiduciary agents” and follow where the money is going, who it is buying and how the government is affected by the self-dealing corruption.

There are many journalistic efforts this year to expose campaign contributions to see where they are from and where they are going through databases and aggregate numbers. The Solutions column will, instead, follow specific examples of individuals who are self-dealing for money for campaigns or jobs outside the federal government and follow the self-dealing trail to see how various parts of the government have been corrupted or injured by the self-dealing.

Solutions: Making Government Work

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Solution: True Oversight (Part I)

Solution: Reform the Pentagon Even if You Feel Overwhelmed by the Mess

Solution: Stop Having Government Do Business With Risky Contractors

Solution: Reduce the Use of Private Contractors

Solution: Fix the Pentagon by Creating an Independent Audit Agency

Solution: Reform the Pentagon and Cut Its Budget

Solution: Encourage Companies and Organizations to Step Up to the Challenge in the New Green Economy

Solution: Cut Costs of Radioactive Waste Stabilization Programs Through Competition

Solution: Don’t Let Wall Street Get Away With It! Protect and Reward SEC Whistleblowers

Solution: Stop Having The Pentagon Overpay for Everything

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