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Poem: Why Worship the Rich?

They have us totally brainwashed, this elite in our land. Keeping them up, and us down, is their predominant plan.

They call it democracy, they say that we’re free.

Two rich guys to choose from, oh, who will it be?

Both puppets of wealth, secret orders from above,

Agendas to keep them in power, if push comes to shove.

They say you have options, lots of channels to choose,

Keeping us brain dead, it’s a game we all lose.

They dole out pennys for labor, we’re really just slaves.

They go home to their castles, we go home to our caves.

They hold up celebrity, we bow and worship at their feet,

They control us, and mold us, like domestic meat.

Brainwashed by wealth, we grovel for our share,

We’re manipulated like dogs, revolt? We wouldn’t dare.

What makes the rich so special, that we’ll relinquish our life,

They’ve convinced us our plight, is to serve them with our strife.

They get the best education, colleges for the elite in our land,

While we get standardized tests, for the menial and the bland.

They’re encouraged and supported, the best of everything is had,

No worries about problems, “oh you can take that up with my dad!”

Inheriting millions without so much as breaking a sweat.

Looking down on the poor, “haven’t you made your first million yet?”

Stars and sports figures, making millions playing games,

Have us groveling at their feet, are we totally insane?

A bunch of spoiled cry babys, throwing tantrums galore,

If they can’t have their way, hells to pay, that’s for sure.

They have us totally brainwashed, this elite in our land,

Keeping them up, and us down, is their predominant plan.

The American dream, used to be possible, and yet,

Now you can’t finish college, without being $50,000 in debt.

They live lives without worry, education and healthcare assured,

We’re under constant pressure, financial decisions a blur.

Are you satisfied sitting back, watching the rich frolic and play?

Do you enjoy groveling and begging, for your menial takehome pay?

Are you happy with the choice, of who’s bad or who’s worse.

Are you tired of finding only pennies, in the bottom of your purse?

Stop believing the hype, stop pouring your hard earned cash in the trash.

Stop idolizing stars and sports figures, who are living large on your cash.

Stop believing the media, who are bought and paid for by the elite,

Just like the politicians, sucking off the taxpayers teat.

They all are just parasites, living large, while you slave,

Convincing you, you’re not worthy, you’re a hick, you’re depraved.

Stop believing the lie, the the rich have all the answers,

They’re destroying our planet, they’re really a cancer.

In their minds profit and money, are the name of the game,

If it kills or it maims, well, that’s just such a shame.

They commit crimes galore, blatant, right in our face,

Yet, sorry we can’t prosecute, we just can’t make a case.

If you follow the money, it’s not hard you see,

The rich couldn’t care less, about you and me.