Medea Benjamin | Obama Must Take a Stand and Demand That Mubarak Step Down

The Egyptian people have been betrayed yet again by Hosni Mubarak, who still refuses to step down. Furious, they have responded in a loud and clear voice: MUBARAK MUST STEP DOWN!!! On the 17th day of growing demonstrations, it’s time for President Obama to echo their demand — loudly and clearly.

Obama has called for an “orderly transition” to democracy in Egypt, but he has refused to explicitly call on Mubarak to step down. This is a moment that demands clarity. Obama should say that he hears the desperate cry to the Egyptian people, that he echoes their call for Mubarak to leave, and that the U.S. government will immediately cut off all funds to the Egyptian government until he does so.

Over 300 Egyptians have sacrificed their lives in this struggle. Thousands have been wounded. And millions have been out on the streets, day after day, to transform the nation they so love.

We Americans have a particular responsibility, given that our taxdollars have shored up this regime for 30 years. Enough is enough. We must demand that not one more dollar go to this desperate dictator who is clinging to power.

The situation in Egypt is explosive. The demonstrations will continue to swell. Activists are anxious to march from Cairo’s Tahrir to the Presidential Palace. This beautiful revolution could easily turn into a bloodbath. Mubarak can once again unleash his thugs, this time with even greater viciousness. The military might turn against the people.

We can’t let this happen. The entire world must turn up the pressure. Please call the White House NOW. 202-456-1111. Demand an end to all U.S. funds. Tell President Obama to echo the call of the Egyptian people. Mubarak and his government must resign immediately!