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Lynne Stewart Needs Our Help

Compassionate Release Denied BUT ALL Is Not Lost. ACT NOW!

Rally for the compassionate release from prison of Lynne Stewart, August 8, Foley Square in Manhattan. (Photo: Susie Day).

Dear Friends of Lynne Stewart,

Today, Judge John Koeltl DENIED Lynne Stewart’s petition for compassionate release. But he left the door open for another decision.
Citing the “law” that requires the Bureau of Prisons to first make a recommendation to the Judge for Compassionate Release Koeltl wrote:
“The petitioner has appropriately submitted a renewed motion for compassionate release to the BOP, and the court is prepared to give prompt and sympathetic consideration to any motion by the BOP that seeks compassionate release. But the current application seeking to circumvent a motion by the BOP is without merit and is DENIED.”
Koeltl is fully aware of Lynne’s dire medical situation. Her attorneys have submitted statements by prison doctors stating that Lynne has less than 18 months to live. Other submissions by independent doctors have estimated Lynne’s prognosis at six months! Koeltl has all this information before him.
His decision appears to signal to the BOP that he is prepared to grant compassionate release in accord with the law and with Lynne’s medical condition.
The focus must now shift to a massive campaign to press the BOP as well as Attorney General Eric Holder and President Omama to meet their legal responsibilities and recommend compassionate release now.
Lynne’s new petition is now before the BOP. Contact the BOP now as follows.
In solidarity,
Jeff Mackler, West Coast Coordinator, Lynne Stewart Defense Committee
Ralph Poynter states it all: The struggle for every second of Lynne’s life continues with full force. Lynne is urging all her supporters and defenders of human and democratic rights everywhere to vigorously renew their letters to BOP director.

Write to him or call as follows: Mr. Charles E. Samuels, Jr., Director, Federal Bureau of Prisons, 320 First Street, NW Washington, DC 20534 Re: Lynne Stewart, #53504-054 Compassionate Release ~ or CALL: 202-307-3250/202-307-3062

2013.8.12.Speakout1Rally for the compassionate release from prison of Lynne Stewart, August 8, Foley Square in Manhattan. (Photo: Susie Day).

2013.8.12.Speakout2Lynne Stewart rally marches to courthouse, gathering protesters. (Photo: Susie Day).

2013.8.12.Speakout3Lynne Stewart rally arrives at courthouse, where her motion for release was heard – and soon after, denied. (Photo: Susie Day).

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