A War Criminal’s Final Chapter: The George W. Bush “Lie-Bury”

Demanding Accountability For The Past, Democracy For The Future, The People’s Response gathered in Dallas, TX April 22-26, 2013 to coincide with the dedication of the Bush Presidential Center on April 25, 2013.

Former President George W. Bush said he’s “really looking forward to writing the final chapter of my life” at Southern Methodist University as the school formally welcomed his presidential center to campus. “I hope it’s a long chapter. But however long it is, it’s going to be here,” Bush said at the welcome ceremony, part of SMU’s Founders’ Day celebration.

From The People’s Response:

“Accountability is the hallmark of a mature democracy: no one is above the law! Remind past, present and future administrations that the truth cannot be buried or changed, and warn the public that the same ideologues who crafted the Bush policies of the last decade will be trying to write a script for our future. Will this think-tank develop the same kinds of policies that brought us preemptive war, torture, economic crisis, environmental disaster, unprecedented presidential power, and diminished civil and human rights? Act now! History is already repeating itself!”