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A Special Note From Dahr Jamail
Dear Truthout Community

A Special Note From Dahr Jamail

Dear Truthout Community

Dear Truthout Community,

We are in the midst of a tectonic shift in the media, and Truthout urgently needs your help in forging a path forward. The corporate media, having long since delegitimized itself – thanks in large part to the stenography posing as journalism used to sell the invasion of Iraq to the US public – is dying. Mention “mainstream media” to most people, regardless of where they are on the political spectrum, and watch the eyes roll. Hence the need for honest, independent journalism and media outlets that are unafraid to run stories critical of the US government and its policies.

That is where Truthout plays a critical role. As the US Empire moves forward with its plans for “enduring” bases in Iraq and expands its war in Afghanistan that is now bleeding into Pakistan, Truthout has stood as a beacon amid the lies and confusion generated by an Obama administration that would rather let people think that real “change” is upon us.

With fresh, groundbreaking content on a daily basis, Truthout is – now more than ever – an outlet that people trust as one of the leading sources of information about Iraq and Afghanistan.

As an independent journalist, I, too, have come to rely on Truthout as a platform by which my stories reach hundreds of thousands of people around the globe. No matter what day of the week or what time of day I send Truthout a breaking news story, I can rest assured that they will have it posted in a matter of hours, and sometimes minutes. Truthout’s team is dedicated to delivering powerful news and analysis 365 days a year – no small task for a shoestring operation.

George Orwell said, “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

We are most certainly in a time of universal deceit. Truthout continues to perform revolutionary acts by publishing the stories that counter that deceit.

Please help us continue to do so by making a donation today. We need you urgently.

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Dahr Jamail
Journalist / Author