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Ladydrawers: Cultivating Policy

Ladydrawers: Cultivating Policy

Part of the Series

Ladydrawers: Cultivating Policy“Cultivating Policy” is our follow-up to “Cultivation,” May’s report on Soul Fire Farm in Grafton, New York. It’s the fourth installment in The Ladydrawers’ “Growing Season,” our monthly investigative comics journalism series that traces the links between food, gender, race and public health.

Our first two strips with Sarah Becan, “Roots and Migrations” and “Stinging Nettles,” looked at how food traditions migrated to or have been restricted on US land and what individuals are doing to keep them alive. In July, Sarah returns to introduce us to a man that tracks food freedoms in the United States. Do Americans have the right to grow, create and consume the foods we want? We’ll find out next month.

Ladydrawers: Cultivating Policy

Ladydrawers: Cultivating Policy

End Notes:

1. See the Soul Fire Farm website at

2. See “Farm Bill Ends Direct Payment Subsidies,” (Accessed March 30, 2015)

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