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Stinging Nettles: Holding on to Indigenous North American Food Culture

Stinging Nettles: Holding on to Indigenous North American Food Culture

Part of the Series

2015 0414aem fbWelcome to the second strip in our “Growing Season” series, the ongoing comics journalism series for Truthout in which The Ladydrawers investigate connections between food, gender, race and public health in comics form.

Following up on “Roots and Migrations,” the first strip in the new series, our second installment “Stinging Nettles” takes a peek at the food culture and traditions of North America before colonization – and what it takes to keep them alive today. Next time, we’ll look at an innovative food justice operation with international impact with everyone’s favorite Melissa Mendes; then Sarah Becan will return with a strip on who practices food policy. Yum!

Stinging Nettles

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