Truthout Interviews Featuring James Kilgore on Reversing Mass Incarceration in the US

If you search for James Kilgore on the Internet, you’ll see that he served time in state and federal prisons for his involvement with the Symbionese Liberation Army. While in state and federal prisons in California, he penned three novels. He learned quite a lot about the prison system as a inmate, and he brings some of that experience to this “Truthout Interviews” where he talks about the way in which the growth of the prison industrial complex can be reversed only by taking a page from Naomi Klein’s latest clarion call for a bottom up movement to reverse climate change. Similarly, the large-scale imprisonment of mostly men with black and brown skin can be reversed only by changing the foundation of the system that incarcerates many of people from African-American and Latino populations for minor infractions under laws seemingly written to entrap them.