Justice for Janitors: The Fight for 15 Shutdown in Minneapolis-Saint Paul

On Saturday, August 20, low-wage Minneapolis-Saint Paul janitors organizing with Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en la Lucha staged a day of action, shutting down intersections, taking the streets and marching to protest Kohl’s failure to implement a responsible contractor policy and to protest its subcontractor Kimco’s poverty wages. Twenty-six years after the iconic Justice for Janitors Bread and Roses strike in LA, Twin Cities janitors in the the Fight for 15 have scored major victories, including 4,000 Target janitors striking and winning their largest wage increase in decades, a contract which brought the majority of Target Janitors above $15 per hour. Inspired by this permissive local and national context for struggle, Kimco janitors, students and teachers took the streets during the back-to-school season when Kohl’s makes 15 percent of its $673 million in annual profits. This is their story.

Justice for Janitors from Jonathan Leavitt on Vimeo.