Do the Worm Bin! A Catchy Tune About Composting

“The Green Ninja,” a character created by a climate scientist and his team, provides an entertaining and educational way to help middle school children – and everyone else – grasp the intricacies of climate change and learn what they can personally do to become involved in fighting it. See additional details about the series or head straight to this week’s episode, “Do the Worm Bin – A Catchy Tune About Composting.”

This week, learn about composting, a great way to reduce the amount of trash a household produces, and it’s also really easy!

How do I start a worm bin?

First of all, you need a bin to keep your worms. You can make your own bin or buy one.

Worm bins are very low maintenance. However, keep them away from direct sunlight and in a place where they won’t be exposed to cold temperatures.

Provide food scraps for the worms to feed on often, but don’t overcrowd the bin.

Add shredded newspaper or cardboard as needed, making sure there is moisture in the bin. Be careful not to put too much or the worms will drown.

After a couple months, you will start to notice that the food scraps are turning into dark brown stuff. That brown stuff is the worm castings. This rich and moist material can be used as compost in your garden, providing many great things for the soil and the plants.

Watch the video for some tips!