Vocalo Interview: Robert Naiman on the Benefits of Cutting Military Spending

“There's lots of stuff that you can do to help people in other countries that doesn't kill anybody and is comparatively cheap…”

The U.S. Government faces a $1.3 trillion deficit for 2011.

For the first time in a long time, the Pentagon is pondering budget cuts in order to do its part in reducing spending. Although we're used to thinking of our huge military budget as untouchable, Robert Naiman explains why he believes that cutting defense spending can be a good thing for everybody— especially the troops.

Listen Here:

Check out Robert's article, “Why the Jobs Argument Against Military Cuts is Bogus” over at TruthOut.org.

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This piece was produced by Lucy Hall, with help from Sarah Lu. Music by the New York Military Band and American Quartet from the Free Music Archive.

Thanks to Sari Gelzer and Maya Schenwar at TruthOut!