Truthout: Breaking the Mold in the Age of Corporate Sponsorship

Truthout: Breaking the Mold in the Age of Corporate Sponsorship

Hi Truthout Readers,

There are a lot of news sources out there – although, OK, not as many as there used to be. But you know already that Truthout is different: it’s an independent, nonprofit, woman-led, unionized, writer-focused news organization.

For Truthout to dedicate itself to independence is almost unheard of in the Age of Corporate Sponsorship; for the organization to also devote itself to full accountability in the arena of labor rights by unionizing was simply a preposterous move. And to work with an editorial staff dominated by the strong voices of politically engaged women is, given the manic logic of late-stage capitalism in which women are a “niche market,” a terrible business plan.

But Truthout is more than a business, as its dedication to developing a strong corps of writers indicates.

What does it mean to be a writer-focused news organization? The idea has the potential to be downright annoying: rants against the hegemony, opinion fueled by the opinion pages of other news sites instead of lived experience, and conclusions that are too often predictably left. But Truthout is a wholly unique news organization that structurally debases the status quo – and not just the status quo of corporate news media, but of independent news organizations as well. Truthout provides a forum for both the old-school, muckraking journalism that keeps democracy honest and the forward-thinking analysis and outside-of-the-box commentary that propels us toward a better society.

Support Truthout today. It’s more than a media outlet: it’s a working democratic environment, and vital to the healthy debate that fuels political progress.

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Anne Elizabeth Moore
Truthout Contributing Writer and member of the Truthout Board of Advisers