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Support Your Media Ally
Truthout is a nonprofit

Support Your Media Ally

Truthout is a nonprofit

Truthout is a nonprofit, independent news web site, with no corporate sponsorships and no advertising. This enables us to bring you unfiltered news and critical commentary, free of corporate and political influence. We depend on the donations of our dedicated readers for our survival.

As mainstream media outlets increasingly succumb to big money interests – at the expense of the public good – the role of truly independent media has never been more vital. By shining a light on the actions of the powerful, tracking the efforts of those who are working to make this country a better place and calling out those who don’t, Truthout stands with you.

Keeping a nonprofit news organization going during this dark economic period isn’t easy. We need you to support us, so we can keep bringing you the information and analysis on which you rely.

Put simply, Truthout cannot survive without the financial support of our readers.

Please join with us today.

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